Wok Cooking with an Electric vs. a Traditional Wok


Wok Cooking is really the only way to create delicious stir fry recipes. When it comes to choosing a wok it can be a daunting task as department and appliance stores are filled with aisles of woks and other kitchen products, so it is a bit overwhelming to make a decision as they all look similar at first glance.

There are two main types of woks, a traditional and an electric wok and there are several key differences that differentiate one type of wok from the other, so it is important that you appreciate the similarities and differences in order to understand which one would work best for your wok cooking needs.

The Two Types of Wok

So if you are looking for a wok, aside from size and material, there are two different types of woks that you can choose from. There is the traditional wok that requires a stove burner as the heat source, or if you want something a little more innovative and modern, you should consider an electric wok that receives its heat through electricity instead of the stove. There are more differences between the two than their sources of heat, as follows.

The Physical Differences

Wok Cooking is an ancient and traditional Chinese cooking method, so when it comes to the argument between electric vs. traditional woks, there are several key physical differences that need to be taken into consideration as well.

The bodies of both types share a lot of similarities, but the material and the style of the handle is usually a  pretty good indicator of the type of work that you are currently using.

Both types usually include a wide concave metal pan that has rounded sides, but there are not that many similarities shared after that point. The electric wok has two small plastic handles that are usually positioned on both sides of the exterior of the actual pan. On the other hand, most traditional woks have one large wooden handle instead.


What the Critics Have to Say

Critics and customers alike are still discussing whether wok cooking is better with a traditional or electric wok. There are many people that prefer traditional woks instead of electric ones, primarily because they feel that the electric wok cannot reach the levels of heat that are necessary for stir-frying, and traditional woks allow you to move the wok around in the stove while cooking to create different temperature zones within the while you are cooking the food.

Wok Cooking with an electric wok does not require one hand on the wok as the wok itself is not moved during cooking, and the two handles are just used to carry it. Many modern electric woks generate high enough temperatures to stir fry perfectly, so the traditional argument is somewhat lost.

I have cooked superb stir fry’s on electric woks, and the fact that they keep the food warm once cooked by just turning the heat down is a great plus. Portability is also a consideration as electric woks can be used anywhere that you have access to a power outlet

Your Personal Preferences

You could spend hours studying different reviews and arguments about whether you should choose an electric vs. a traditional wok. Consider whether you are a perfectionist who wants to extract the last ounce of flavour from his food, in which case you might go traditional, or if you are a talented home chef, who wants to enjoy his cooking without making it too complicated. 

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By Joe Conde