Why Use Olive Oil?


Olive-OilI enjoy my food and normally I take little notice of the fact that every time I read the paper or turn on the TV someone is telling me that this food is bad for me or that another is a miracle cure for every disease under the sun.

Olive oil however has stood the test of time and is one of those foods that have been considered healthy and used not only in foods, but in many other ways since Biblical times.

Olive oil is believed to provide many health benefits as it is cholesterol free and is made up of seventy per cent mono unsaturated fatty acids which reduce the bad cholesterol in your body.  It is also great for preventing constipation as it lubricates your intestines. These are just two of the many health benefits of this versatile cooking ingredient, and in this article we are going to talk about the culinary benefits it provides.

There are three main types  of olive oil, Virgin olive oil, Extra-virgin, and Pure Olive Oil

 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin is the best quality olive oil and comes from the first pressing of the olives and is deemed to have a superior taste. In fact some folks similar to wine tasters can tell the different kinds of olive oils and the quality of the oil by taste. It is a little bit more expensive buying extra-virgin olive oil but this is certainly the healthiest and tastiest of the oils.

Virgin Olive Oil

This oil has slightly more acidity than Extra-virgin and may contain no refined oil it has a good taste but not to the degree that extra-virgin has.

Pure Olive Oil

Pure Olive oil is a blended mix of virgin and refined olive oil , it is better for cooking at higher temperatures for instance deep frying because it has a much higher smoke point that the virgin olive oils. It also doesn’t have such an intense flavour.

I always keep two types of olive oil in your kitchen, a good Extra-virgin and a pure olive oil for cooking. It might sound an expensive option but one of the great things about olive oil is that you can reuse it up to three times, as long as you don’t burn the oil as then it will not be reusable. Remember though that extra-virgin and virgin oils have a low smoking point so are best for sautéing over a low heat or using in soups, sauces or salads.

The best place to store your olive oil is in a cool dark place such as the bottom of the pantry, or even the fridge. Make sure that you keep it away from heat, so don’t put it anywhere your stove or oven.

Olive oil is great for you, so I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to the tasty benefits of using olive oil in your cooking, as using this one simple ingredient can enhance any meal. In the Mediterranean, people love to eat bread and tomatoes dipped in a little olive oil for breakfast, with maybe a boiled egg, simple healthy and tasty.

It is great that that buying olive oil is just a click away these days as companies like Amazon have a huge range of hundreds of different types of olive oil, many with free shopping.

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By Joe Conde