Keurig Mini B31 Plus Platinum Coffee Maker

The Keurig Mini B31 Plus Platinum Coffee Maker is easy to use and simple to operate. You simply add 6, 8 or 10 ounces of fresh water into the single-use reservoir, you select your favorite K-Cup, and your coffee is brewed in  in under 2 minutes. It uses up all the water in the reservoir so there is no need to empty it out. You get a fresh cup of coffee every time.

There are several brew size so the Keurig Mini B31 Plus Platinum Coffee Maker,  allows you to brew 6, 8 or 10 ounces to get the strength you desire.  It is ideal for making gourmet coffee, tea and hot cocoa, and for those who prefer a compact coffee brewer that is easy to use.

Keurig Mini B31 Plus Platinum Coffee MakerThe Keurig Mini B31 Plus Platinum Coffee Maker is compact enough to be able to use it almost anywhere. The brewing function works perfectly, and it is not hard to work out how much water to put in for the various sizes. Some trial and error, but not difficult to master after a while.

What people are saying

“We received this brewer from our parents for Christmas, and I was immediately smitten. Easy to brew (easy to measure water, too, in my opinion). Coffee samples were a mixed bag- some too weak, some delicious, but that’s the beauty of the Keurig system, right? – you get a variety of brews to try and decide what you like best.”

“Service is excellent, Keurig replaced the unit a couple of times with no fuss whatsoever.”

“We’ve had the Keurig mini plus for about 3 weeks now and we both like it. It is convenient, no harder to make good coffee than any other coffee maker and it’s easy to operate”

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 Where to buy

There are quite a few online shops and stores to buy from, but the reality is that you should only buy it from a reputable supplier where you will get the best discounts, bonuses and payment terms.

Amazon is by far the best choice. They offer money back guarantees, special discounts, and huge choice. I have found them to be very competitive and reliable, and excellent with their returns and support.

Click on this link to check out the Keurig Mini B31 Plus Platinum Coffee Maker . It is a great coffee maker at a very competitive price.

By Joe Conde