Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center

The Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center is a serious coffee machine. It is designed with perfection in mind, and it will make perfect espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and crema coffees every time! In fact you can Grind, Tamp, Brew and Clean in under 60 seconds with the push of a button!

The Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center comes equipped with a Dual Frother PLUS, which makes it easy to froth or steam milk like a barista into any sized pitcher or directly into the coffee cup.  It produces a lot of crema and is excellent for high-pressure-brewed coffee, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte, cafe mocha latte and more.

Jura Impressa Coffee CenterThe Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee features an illuminated Rotary Dial which lets you select a symbol to brew different coffees, so you can choose between espresso or crema coffee, or one or two cups using a single control rotary dial control. The variable brewing chamber holds between 5 and 16 grams of ground coffee, making it possible to brew any kind of coffee from a single 1-ounce ristretto to two 8-ounce cups of coffee at one time. It also features a stainless steel Thermoblock heating system and an 18-bar pressure pump that guarantees fully aromatic high pressure brewed coffee and a strong layer of crema.

The Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee also has a dispenser for hot water. A Clearyl Water Filtration System purifies water and eliminates the need for decalcification. A separate coffee funnel can be used with different varieties of pre-ground coffee, such as decaf, when there are regular beans in the bean container. The commercial quality conical steel burr grinder with six fineness settings has a special design to maximize the flavor and aroma of the coffee.

The Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center alerts the user to add fresh coffee beans when needed. It has self-monitoring rinsing, cleaning and descaling programs which make it easy to keep it in top condition. All setting and activities are permanently stored in a built-in memory.

What people are saying

“I Purchased the Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center about three months ago and have been totally pleased with it. I Owned a C 1000 and upgraded with the frothXpress PLUS as well….

The espresso is excellent. The ability of precisely calibrate the the fineness of the grind pays off when you adjust it for your favorite bean (I use Lavazza Crema, also a good deal through an Amazon subscriptions). The various other features all work about as described — few surprises.

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 Where to buy

There are quite a few online shops and stores to buy from, but the reality is that you should only buy it from a reputable supplier where you will get the best discounts, bonuses and payment terms.

Amazon is by far the best choice. They offer money back guarantees, special discounts, and huge choice. I have found them to be very competitive and reliable, and excellent with their returns and support.

Click on this link to check out the Jura Impressa Automatc Coffee Center. It is a great coffee maker at a very competitive price.



By Joe Conde