Espresso Grinder reviews and articles

Espresso GrinderModern Espresso grinders, like the Venezia espresso mills and the Venevia II espresso grinder are made to deal with consistent use and have a micro “grind control” modification.

This is a special adjustment system that provides you infinite control over grind setups. No more pre-programmed “clicks” for grind settings. All these espresso grinder have 2-1/2 inch grinding blades and a grinding speed of 1600 rpm.

The frame for these grinders is made of cast aluminum to insure best grind head positioning. Each mill has a doser and a stroke counter that shows the number of cups of espresso that has been functioned as well as a coffee pressing gadget. Simply raise the porta filter under the device. All the espresso mills come with an electrical line cable and an NEMA plug 5-5P. The Venezia group has 3 models and the Venezia II has one design.

The Venezia design VGT has a manual timer. For the smart espresso operator, the time change model offers the operator control over the grinding process. With an optimum grinding time of 1 minute, the operator can merely turn the mechanical timer in intervals of seconds to grind the length of espresso beans desired. The espresso bean capability is 2.7 pounds and the dose adjustment can be set from 5.5 grams to 9 grams. The capability of the ground espresso container is.6 pounds (.3 kilograms). This design operates on 120 volts at 350 watts and pulls 2.9 amps with a & frac12; equine power motor.

The Venezia design VGT has an automatic timer and an espresso bean hopper ability of 2.7 pounds (1.2 kilograms). The automatic timer is terrific for high volume use; it immediately begins after every 12 doses. The mill stops when the chute is full and when it reboots it fills the chute full again.

The dosage change can be set from 5.5 grams to 9 grams as well. .

The Venezia model VHGA is a heavy responsibility espresso grinder with an automatic timer. The capability of the espresso bean hopper is 4 pounds (1.8 kilograms). The dosage adjustment is the same as the other two designs. Nonetheless, the ground espresso container capability is.8 pounds (.4 kilograms). While the horse power of the first two is & frac12;, the horsepower of this model is 1 horse power. This machine is designed for consistent heavy use where you’re regularly serving espresso or cappuccino design beverages such as at a coffee shop or espresso bar that is hectic all the time.

The Venezia II espresso grinder has a micro “grind control” change that permits the operator to set the grind size to the exact size preferred. This design has a stouter frame than the Venezia II grinders, but is also has of cast aluminum alloy frame to insure best grind head positioning. The grinder likewise has a coffee pressing device close to the porta filter holder. Simply lift the porta filter under the gadget to compact the grind. This mill has a 5 minute timer and runs on a 120 volt 350 watt & frac12; horsepower motor that pulls 3 amps.

These commercial coffee mills are developed for professional espresso baristas. Baristas who understand not only the best ways to make outstanding espressos, however likewise understand the finest grind for the espresso they are making for added perfection.

By Joe Conde