How To Choose Quality Kitchen Knives


Knife BlockA set of kitchen knives is probably one of the most important tools for a home chef. I find I always get a rush when I handle a razor sharp, well balanced kitchen knife. It must be the metal component in my Feng Shui.

After a hard day work I actually love unwinding in my kitchen preparing an evening meal and drinking a couple of glasses of a nice red wine, make sure you watch what your doing with that knife though, we don’t want no missing fingers!

There are two ways of buying  kitchen knives, you can either get yourself a complete set usually stored in their own knife block or you can buy each knife separately  either way is good.

If you buy a knife block set you get pretty much every knife you are going to need for preparing food and a few more that won’t see the light of day, the pro’s to buying a set are that you are good to go with all your required tools, the downside as mentioned is that you could have a set with a lot of knives that aren’t used. Another problem in buying a big set of knives is that unless you are paying hundreds of dollars you knife set is likely to be poor to middling in quality. My advice on this is to check out consumer reviews on various knife sets, look for the ones that are maybe end of line or discounted so that you get a good price. And remember that quiet often you get what you pay for so you might have to pay out a large chunk of cash now but in the long run a good set of kitchen knives should last a very long time, so we’re talking an investment here.

So the other way is to buy one or two knives at a time, a really good chef knife will handle many jobs and combined with a paring knife you should be able to prepare most ingredients.

This is the method I chose but the only problem was I threw out all my old cheap knives and just had the two quality knives, now I had to use my chef knife to cut a loaf of bread and carve a turkey and really I should have hung on to my old knives to do these sort of jobs. So my suggestion is make sure you keep your old knives or if you are starting a fresh, get one or two high quality knives and then a few cheap ones like a bread knife until you can replace them with something superior.

So to conclude always check out the reviews from consumers first before buying. Look out for deep discounts especially on some of the online stores, also look out for ‘ends of line’ sales usually the new line is just a change in aesthetic design and nothing to do with the function of the knives.

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By Joe Conde