Jamaican Coffee

Jamaican CoffeeJamaican Coffee is fragile and light, and the process to make it is fairly uniform in the region.  The taste characteristics of individual coffee is determined on the basis of a combination of its origin and the way it is roasted, as the origin determines the appearance, taste and smell of the coffee, and the roasting temperature influences the individuality of the final  product.

The environment in which this coffee grows is fairly unique, cool and misty with the high rainfall. The ground in that area has an exceptional drainage system, which creates the perfect conditions for growing this unique and excellent coffee .Not all coffees are processed correctly. Generally they are washed then dried out, ranked, treated and then roughly classified at the coffee farms.

 To guarantee their consistency they are left in racks for minimum 6 weeks. Very few countries of the world do this, but Jamaican Coffee growers want to ensure that the quality of their coffee is recognised throughout the world.

This process has been followed for a long time, and due to it Jamaican Coffee is ranked  amongst the highest graded gourmet coffees consumed in the world. The coffee farmers Jamaica work really hard to make sure that their coffees are well grown, collected, and processed with the purpose of guaranteeing and satisfying a tough demand of the existing  gourmet coffee market worldwide.

Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee was established  in 1985 and derives its name from the coffees grown in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica. The height of these mountains ranges from 3000 feet to 7500 feet.

Jamaican coffee is considered a delicacy around the world. Make sure you buy the right product from a reputable supplier.

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By Joe Conde