Essential kitchen tools for Chinese cooking

Tools For Chinese Cooking

Electric-WokTo prepare delicious and tasty Chinese food, you need more than just the basic ingredients. It is essential for you to have all the necessary Chinese kitchen tools to help you effectively do different cooking techniques.


 A wok is a Chinese kitchen tool that allows you to do various cooking styles. Chinese chefs use their kitchen wok for baking, boiling, stewing and braising food. This product is usually available in aluminum and steel alloy material. The most recommended type of wok is made of carbon steel with a round bottom.

Cleaver and Chopping Knives

 A cleaver is a broad and heavy knife, which is commonly used by butchers to easily cut meat. The sharp broad blade of a cleaver allows you to easily cut through bones and chop other hard areas of meat. This gives you the ability to cut different parts of meat into various shapes and sizes as required by the recipe you’re cooking.

Chopper knives are on the other hand ideal for mincing, dicing, chopping and cutting ingredients. Chinese chefs also use this for designing and shaping vegetables, and this takes a lot of skills to do because chopping knives are heavier than standard kitchen knives.

 Cleavers go well with wooden chopping boards. These wooden chopping boards are more stable and can help reduce the risks of accidents when preparing the ingredients for your recipes. 

Spatulas, Long Chopsticks and Frying Spoons 

Chinese spatulas are shaped like a shovel for scooping and mixing ingredients inside your wok. This is usually made of wood, in order to avoid damaging your wok’s special coating. 

Long Chinese chopsticks are used to mix and stir delicate ingredients like noodles, so you don’t ruin them while doing this. It is also used as an effective egg beater for a smooth and fine finish. 

Frying spoons are essential tools for deep fry Chinese recipes and for boiling noodles. This kitchen tool serves as an effective strainer for separating solid ingredients from liquid solutions, such as fried food from cooking oil and noodles from boiling water.  

Bamboo Steamer 

Traditional bamboo steamers are not only popular in Chinese kitchens, but also well known kitchen tools all over Asia, and are commonly used to create flavorful and nutritious dishes. This kitchen tool uses steam to cook raw ingredients and stimulate their natural flavors without burning their nutrients. 

These Chinese kitchen tools, combined with the right ingredients, can help you prepare tasty Chinese food. Studying how to effectively use these tools with the right ingredients and other kitchen equipment will help you cook a wide variety of Chinese recipes. Mastery, passion, ingredients and the right kitchen tools will help you make the best Chinese food for your family.


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By Joe Conde