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espresso coffee machines

Coffee is a very popular drink that is consumed routinely every day. Coffee lovers like their coffee just right, so if you fall into that category, you may be looking at Espresso Coffee Machines.

There are many models of Espresso Coffee Machines to choose from and as technology has progressed, there are numerous features in modern coffee that were not available in the older models.

One of the later developments and what seems to be emerging as a trend, are the coffee pod machines. They are becoming more and more popular as they are easy to use, still produce great crema and taste, and are usually a lot cheaper than the more complex full feature models.

The purists would probably scream heresy, and there is no question that a top of the range machine specifically designed to provide gourmet quality coffee,  is far superior in the quality of coffee it produces, but it is also more complex to use, and requires a greater level of skill from you.

So coffee pod machines are something between instant coffee, and a barista creation on a $2000 machine.  If you can tell the difference, that a pod machine would probably not do the trick. It just does not have the functionality that a more sophisticated machine has, and the results speak for themselves.

It’s like drinking an 18 year old single malt out of a beer mug. It just does not taste the same. Pod machines are a lot cheaper, and there are many varieties of coffees to choose from, including decaf, which certainly make them an attractive option.

Espresso coffee machines have come a long way, I personally prefer to grind the coffee fresh. And use a more conventional machine, but if you are in a hurry, pods are not a bad option.

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By Joe Conde