Civet Coffee

Philippine Civet Coffee

The specialized nature of Philippine Civet coffee  is that it is made from coffee beans which have been swallowed by and passed with the intestinal system of civets, which are cat like animals. The civets have long noses and they like fresh coffee berries. They come out in the evening and creep along the coffee beans, selecting and eating the ripest.

After the civets chew the fruity exterior they swallow the berries, and the enzymes within their stomach massage the beans, smoothing the rough edges and it passes down their system undigested. The enzymes boost the taste by breaking down the residual bitterness. The beans are then washed hygienically and thoroughly, before being provided a light roast to keep intact the coffee’s complicated tastes. The resulting coffee is stated to have a rich, heavy taste with hints of chocolate and caramel.

Coffee is one of the most preferred beverages all over the world and a lot of us enjoy relaxing with a cup of our preferred coffee after a day’s work. Amongst the many types of coffee you can get these days, Philippine Civet Coffee has been the prime selection of coffee connoisseurs all over the world, for its special taste and soothing effect.

This Coffee has many attributes, but the absence of bitterness and promoting fragrance are some of its better known ones. The exquisiteness and rareness of the beans differentiate this coffee from other coffees and for some it is just the ideal beverage to start our day with. You can find the best price for Civet Coffee on this link.

Making Philippine Civet coffee requires a lot of time and effort, and therefore fetches a premium price when it reaches the market. There are not a  lot of beans to start with, and the process is time consuming.

There is no question It will make an ideal present for the Gourmet Coffee Drinker, and it will be cherished and appreciated.

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By Joe Conde