Bachelor Pad Kitchen Ideas

Bachelor Pad Kitchen IdeasThe Bachelor Pad Kitchen is one of the key components when you live alone. After all you can be sure one of the first things a woman will look at will be your kitchen.

Most guys rarely caring what their house looks like, so decorating a bachelor pad is hard enough without even worrying about the Bachelor Pad kitchen. Here is a great little book on kitchen ideas.

Men will spend hours and thousands of dollars making their vehicles look just right, but throw up a clock in a room and call it decorated. Let’s not even discuss keeping this “decorated” room clean. If for some reason, a man does want to decorate his house or any room in it, there are very few choices that don’t appear as though their mom was in charge. For the man who is interested in decorating his kitchen at least, here are a few ideas that will keep your manhood in check.

Bar and Grill

There are few decorating ideas for a kitchen more perfect than a bar theme. Neon lights, mirrors, dark lighting, etc. can all be incorporated to make the kitchen look like a favorite watering hole. Extra points are awarded to the guys who name their “bar” and find a sign to put up with the name.

Drink of Choice

Going along with the bar theme, but taking it a different route is making the kitchen themed in a drink of choice. Popular liquor and beers have signs and trinkets everywhere. One can find a multitude of things with the Jack Daniels theme. Heineken is another alcohol that has different things with its look. Another idea for a “man kitchen” with alcohol in mind is just strictly doing a beer theme. Bottles could be lined on shelves; framed posters hung on the wall, beer mugs as glasses… The ideas for this idea are endless.

Flame Grilled

Just about every man is either a fan of barbecuing or eating barbecued food. Something about cooking food (mostly meat) on the fire just oozes manliness. Turning a bachelor’s kitchen into a permanent barbecue theme would be easy enough by making the oven look like a grille, tongs and other barbecue utensils could be used as decorations, flame wallpaper could probably be found, as well as many other ideas.

All Black and White

For the man who likes a simpler look, a black and white theme would be great. Not only would it be incredibly easy and cheap to decorate, but it would also be classy without being feminine. It is also a great idea because should the bachelor ever relinquish his bachelor card for a wedding ring, his wife doesn’t have to battle with getting rid of all of the Jack Daniels items or flame wall paper.


If a man is in the position to spend a lot on remodelling his kitchen, a chrome theme is highly recommended. When ovens, refrigerators, cupboards, counters, etc. are all chrome designed, it not only looks very modern, but it is also easy to clean. A man would just have to wipe down everything with a wet wash cloth practically. This is very beneficial to the man who doesn’t prefer to deep clean very often. Lastly, chrome practically matches every colour so if a man wanted to add a touch of colour to the walls, no colour would be a bad idea.

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By Joe Conde