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Jura Impressa Coffee Center

Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center

The Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee Center is a serious coffee machine. It is designed with perfection in mind, and it will make perfect espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and crema coffees every time! In fact you can Grind, Tamp, Brew and Clean in under 60 seconds with the push of a button! The Jura Impressa Automatic Coffee […]

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De’Longhi EC155 15 BAR Pump Espresso Maker Review

The De’Longhi EC155 enables you to enjoy delicious espresso made your own special way. You can choose to brew ground espresso or E.S.E pods with the unique patented dual filter holder. This is a great innovation, as not many machines give you this feature. It features two separate thermostats so you can enjoy espresso or […]

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Miele CM5200 Black Countertop Coffee System

Coffee Maker Espresso Combo – Choosing The Best Options

Choosing the best coffee maker espresso combo depends on your requirements. The best coffee maker espresso combo is something that has everything you need and is still within your budget. The important factors you should consider are the following: Size The size of your coffee maker espresso combo should be sufficient to cover for the […]

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Why Use Olive Oil?

  I enjoy my food and normally I take little notice of the fact that every time I read the paper or turn on the TV someone is telling me that this food is bad for me or that another is a miracle cure for every disease under the sun. Olive oil however has stood […]

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European Cooking – Italian vs. New York Style Pizza

  Pizza like many other foods originally comes from Italy. Here in New York we have given it our unique term “New York Style Pizza” but is our common pizza really Italian? European Cooking, especially Italian has a very traditional and distinct taste because of the herbs and spices they use. So when we hear […]

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Essential kitchen tools for Chinese cooking

Tools For Chinese Cooking To prepare delicious and tasty Chinese food, you need more than just the basic ingredients. It is essential for you to have all the necessary Chinese kitchen tools to help you effectively do different cooking techniques.  Wok  A wok is a Chinese kitchen tool that allows you to do various cooking […]

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Tagine Cooking

  If you want to become the Home Chef with a difference, then you might consider a technique not many know about, which is cooking using a tagine. Tagine cooking is based on earthenware containers named tagines. These are special pots made up of a round container covered by a large dome shaped lid. Tagine […]

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By Joe Conde